TuckerLane was formed as a small business in 2012 by Lynda and Lee Lamitie.  Lee from Watertown, New York, and Lynda from Nashville, Georgia, met in the “middle”, at the Mason Dixon Line in Maryland, while serving in the Army in 1978. It was Lynda’s assignment to Redstone Arsenal that brought them to Huntsville, Alabama in 1981.   They liked that Huntsville was big enough to find good reasonably priced weekend entertainment, but not too big to easily find your way around.  It offered scenic mountain views, easy access to the Tennessee River and Guntersville Lakes and four mild seasons. It was a day’s ride by car to visit his folks (then living in Florida) or her folks in Georgia.  They decided to buy the house on Tucker Lane in Lacey’s Spring, to raise their girls in the country and chose to keep it during family relocations to Germany, New York, Korea, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. They finally returned to it in 2000.

They shared a passion for Arts and Crafts.  Many of their projects were collaborative efforts. Lee, artisan and craftsman, a graduate of J. F. Drake and Athens State Universities satisfied his desire “to create” through his construction of “repurposed” furniture, unique decorative items, and jewelry.  Lee died December 2015, but his work can be found from New York to Florida, Alabama to California, and throughout Europe. I’ve kept a page here with some of his work, please visit!

He believed (1) “The way you feel influences the way you create. (2) “It’s important to make time every day to meditate, do nothing, or otherwise goof off.”  And (3) “Everything comes from practice.”  Lynda recalls his guidance &  lives very much in communion with his spirit as she continues to grow the business of TuckerLane.  Lynda a painting hobbyist, plans to host purposeful small group art-making activities.  Some get-togethers will be designed just for the joy of it, some will educate, some will relieve stress, & some will result in exemplary art. TuckerLane offers drawing & painting sessions, pottery, jewelry, found-object sculpture, mixed-media and collage production events.  Lynda plans to go where kids, students, adults, & seniors are and also invite them to come to TuckerLane.  Lynda partners with schools, public & private centers, museums & camps & teams with festivals and community celebrations to offer creative art making opportunities to various participants.  These outreach efforts should result in works of art for the  community to experience.

She studied Fine Arts at Valdosta State University and Art Education at Alabama A&M University. 

Professional affiliations include: Alabama Art Education Association, National Art Education Association, Huntsville Museum of Art and Arts Huntsville

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